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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating VRF Systems Help Your Business Stay Relevant

Yesterday’s traditional HVAC systems struggle to meet today’s demands of increased efficiency. Turn to Mitsubishi Electric, the VRF leader, for solutions that bring you long-term business advantages.

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Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems provide you with benefits that help keep your buildings, and your business, relevant.

Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency

With compact modular systems that don’t require ductwork and have less piping than three-pipe systems, our VRF systems are easier to design and install, saving you man hours and resources.

Lower Lifecycle Costs

With ease of design and installation, minimal required maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and long-lasting equipment, total lifecycle costs are less than you might have thought.

Lower Lifecycle Costs
Zoned Comfort

Zoned Comfort

Zoning allows building owners to cool and heat areas that need it, without paying for those that don’t. Simultaneous cooling and heating provides comfort to all building occupants and eliminates shoulder season switchover challenges.

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The Industry’s First Two-Pipe Simultaneous Cooling & Heating VRF System

The innovative design of the Branch Circuit Controller allows for simultaneous cooling and heating throughout a building without the need for a third refrigerant pipe. Not only do you reduce material costs, but also the labor to install and the space required for three-pipe systems from other manufacturers.


Moving refrigerant to the zone, instead of conditioned air, is a more efficient way to condition your space.


The Branch Circuit Controller repurposes energy removed in cooling to deliver heat to other zones.

Advanced Customer Support Services with the Professional Solutions Group

Safeguard your investment in Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems. Our Professional Solutions Group provides services that will give you peace of mind that your systems will operate at peak performance.

The Industry’s Broadest Network of Distributors and Contractors

Every year, Mitsubishi Electric trains more contractors than any other VRF manufacturer, ensuring a healthy supply of installation and service professionals. And with our large distribution network, those professionals have ready access to equipment, parts and accessories.


Let Mitsubishi Electric show you the design freedom that can help your business stay relevant.

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Overview Brochure

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